Adaptive News Reader


Product of my first Hackathon, Tango is an adaptive news reader that changes viewing modes depending on the viewers distance from the screen.

  • Hackathon
  • Interaction Design
  • Front End Development

HackCMU 2013 - Most Innovative Project
Carnegie Mellon University - Fall 2013
Team: Andre Le, Ayobami Olubeku, Barath Chandrashekar, Ramya Mallya
Role: Front end development with Andre Le


TANGO is a unique news reader that responds to you. It adapts itself to give you the best reading experience.
Based on your distance from the screen, the interface switches between 3 modes. When the user is away from her screen, the newsreader operates in full screen mode, only displaying videos and titles. When the user sits in front of the screen, it switches to browse mode, displaying the video, with the title, caption, and a short description. When the user leans in for a closer look, TANGO switches into detail mode, displaying the entire article.