Mobile Application


TartanHacks 2014 hackathon project - Mobile web application that encourages co-located people to help each other.

  • Hackathon
  • Mobile
  • Development
  • Backend Development
  • Cooperation
  • Location based

Tartan Hacks
Carnegie Mellon University - Spring 2014
Team: Chinwei Wong, Pavel Samsonov, Ramya Mallya, Shuangshuang Li, Yu Ma
Role: Ideation, Application architecture, Server side scripting
Tools: Express, Node.js,, Jade, Google Maps API


ReQuest is a mobile application that encourages people to engage in helping each other.
Most people hesitate to ask for help from strangers. The truth is, that most people won't mind helping out if not much is required of them. People are also more likely to trust you if you're connected to someone they know. ReQuest allows users to post help requests to people in the vicinity, who are connected to them upto the second degree. This allows people to overcome their fear of seeking help, as it doesn't require them to approach anybody directly. People around them are more willing to help, as they see that the help seeker is connected to someone they know.


The application used Facebook to login, and identify people in the vicinity who were in the help seeker's network. Google Places was used to determine the location of the help seeker. Node.js was used for serverside scripting, and was used for client-server communication. The front end was developed using JQuery Mobile.