Android Mobile Application


Native Android mobile application to capture and store ideas.

  • Mobile
  • Android Development
  • Productivity
  • Ideation
  • Self Expression
  • Material Design

Independent Project
Software Structures for User Interfaces - Android Mobile Lab
Fall 2013 Carnegie Mellon University
Skills - Ideation, Application Architecture, Wireframing, Android Development, JSON
Technology and Tools: Android SDK, Eclipse, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


IdeaBoard is an Android application that allows you to quickly record your ideas on the go.

Project Scope

In the Fall semester, I designed and developed a native Android working prototype of my application over a duration of 4 weeks.
In July 2014 when Google released Material Design, I spent about 6 hours redesigning IdeaBoard to fit Google's new design language.

Problem Space

Different people have different thought processes, and represent their thoughts and ideas in different ways. While several notepad and sketchpad applications allow us to capture our thoughts, none of them allow for a full range of expression. IdeaBoard fills that void by allowing the user to record his ideas as any combination of sketches, text, images, video and sound recordings. Thus, IdeaBoard provides an enhanced range of expression to the user.


I designed the mobile application to be part of a larger service, which allows idea sharing between members in a team. The primary tasks of the mobile application is idea capture, while that of the desktop application is to organize ideas.

I focussed on the user interface of the mobile application for my design. The UI is optimzied for the primary task. My process work consisted of generating task flows and priority lists, followed by wireframing, and building illustrator mock-ups.

I selected the primary color to be non-distracting, so that the focus would lie on the white canvas. The earlier version used black as the primary color, but keeping with the bold color palette in Material Design, I selected a cool blue-gray shade for the re-design, with Amber as the accent color. This still keeps the interface in the background.

When opened, the splash screen would appear first, followed by a new idea screen. All 6 tool buttons are displayed at first. Additional options appear when a tool is selected, forming a seam with the canvas. The current tool becomes a floating button on the bottom right, which when tapped, morphs into all 6 tool buttons again.

I built a working prototype for the Android platform. I first defined the architecture of the application and how it would handle different types of media. I then coded it up using the Android SDK on Eclipse.