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Prototyping Tools for Embodying UX Design
Carnegie Mellon University - Fall 2013
Client: BNY Mellon Treasury Services
Team: Gihoon Song, Kenneth Murphy, Lillie Ferris, Ramya Mallya
Role: Persona building, User research, Client communication, Ideation, Video Sketch


Dossier is a tailor made solution for BNY Mellon Treasury Services, that addresses the issue of scattered client data and outdated data.

Project Scope

In this semester long project, student teams were to design applications for lines of business within BNY Mellon. My team was designed an application for BNY Mellon Treasury Services.

The project consisted of brief user research, and focussed heavily on the design phase. The final deliverable was a video sketch describing the concept.

Problem Space

With the vast number of clients that each BNY Mellon Treasury Service sales executive manages, it becomes difficult for him to manage all the different client interactions. Data about clients and client interactions is scattered across several internal applications. Further, this data is often outdated or incorrect, and making these corrections is a tedious process. This makes building reports a long and painstaking process. Our solution alleviates this problem by allowing the user to quickly sift through vast amounts of information and select only parts that are relevant to him. This information will then be accessible to him at the click of a button. He can easily organize information into reports, and flag incorrect information.


In the initial stage of the project, we familiarized ourselves with the operation and technical terminology associated with a financial corporation. We then focussed our research specifically on BNY Mellon Treasury Services.

Our user research process included building personas, constructing concept maps, developing make tools and interiews with potential users. We then engaged in need-finding sessions to identify key pain points, and to choose our focus for this project.

We identified that client data was scattered among various different internal applications that made it difficult for sales executives to get an overview of a client. They also faced several problems with outdated and erroneous data that was trapped in their system. These issues made report generation a tedious and time consuming task that required data gathering using several different channels.

Keeping these points in mind, we engaged in brainstorming sessions to come up with a suitable solution. We iterated on our proposed solution several times before zeroing in on a final optimal solution. We then prepared wireframes for the application and demonstrated our concept using a video.