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PennApps Spring 2014 hackathon project - Collaborative Rock Paper Scissors game using SendGrid's API.

  • Hackathon
  • Development
  • SendGrid API
  • Backend development
  • Collaboration
  • Game

PennApps Spring - 2014
SendGrid API Prize
Team: Andre Le, Matthew Hsieh, Pavel Samsonov, Ramya Mallya
Role: Ideation, Application architecture, Server side scripting, Game logic
Tools: Express, Node.js, Socket.io, Jade, SendGrid API


coRPS is a collaborative Rock Paper Scissors game.

The aim of this project was to demonstrate a different way to use email. Instead of using email for communication, we used it as a mechanism to cast a vote.

The Game

The goal of the game was to bring large groups of people (maybe strangers?) together.

It's designed to be played in a space where there are large gatherings, and a large screen. Players can email in with their choice (Rock, Paper or Scissors) in the subject line, and any message (trash talk) they want to display alongside their Gravatar. The game will assign them to a team, and display the popular choice for each team. Players can then change their vote till the time runs out. So if they see that the other team has Rock, and they voted for Scissors, they can choose to swap their vote to Paper. Interesting playing patterns emerge if you think about what is the second most popular choice, and what happens when the opposite team changes their vote. Competition through collaboration? Or Collaboration through competition?


Serverside scripting was done using Node.js and Socket.io. The game engine was implemented using Javascript. The front end of the game was implemented in HTML5 Canvas. The game used SendGrid API to receive email from players, and Gravatar API to display a Gravatar for each player.


Our project won the prize for using the SendGrid API.